Shapeshifting boon clarifaction

Just want clarification on using the shapeshifting boon. Is it fair to assume that you use the simple NPC build rules with lvl= char lvl and ball park the appropriate stats? The rules for it seemed kind of vague to me.

yeah, the rules for shapeshift are completely vague. I myself am still stumped on how I would run it, each GM is going to handle it differently.

I usually use the rule of, you have to have seen the thing you want to shapeshift into and probably interacted with it.

For my players, I have one that can shapeshift, and we went through every creature he has encountered so far, and has a list (if you look at the NPC/Creature post on here, that is where that evolved from).

You could also treat it almost like a Blue Mage in that sense, you have encountered (or fought) it. Maybe a Logic/Learning roll to understand it so you can turn into it.

Otherwise, use the roll for Companion Tier 2/3, and don’t make it any more powerful than that for a creature. This is dependent ton the power level of the Roll to shapeshift as well. Higher levels can possibly access higher creatures.

Really up to the GM to decide the limit. Afterall, you could transform into a dragon or T-Rex at some point, right?


One of the things I think should be clarified in the rules is how to handle feats. Especially the ones that the character has originally. The main reason I bring up feats is because there’s the issue of sustaining and nullifying boons. Someone who’s specialized in shapeshifting would obviously want boon focus 3 for a free sustain (so that their new form can do focus actions or sustain a boon) and harder nullifies. If however you would lose your feats, boon focus 3 will become useless (unless you cast it on someone else of course). The same goes for superior concentration to some extend.

Personally I would say stacking both the original and the shifted creature’s feats might be a bit too strong. This works in DND because there are more limits to what you could shift into. But a special mention that at least boon focus 3 would still work is not unreasonable I think.

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I know this thread has been dead for a while, but I have not seen a clarification about feats, and it seems strange to me that shapeshifting into a creature would not give you innate abilities, for example, if a creature you turn into has boon access as a major part of its premise, but the character doesn’t get the creature’s feats, then the character loses out on a major aspect of the new form.

The boon mentions gaining a flight speed which is a feat. Does this mean characters can access the creature’s feats?

If not, Would it make sense to tell a character they can access the creature’s feats, but lose access to their own in the new form?

It may or may not be a feat actually. Some creatures fly via the flight boon rather than having the feat. Since the way things work are governed by the GM, it’s the GM that dicedes:

  1. What you can shapeshift into
  2. How that affects you
  3. What benefits you gain

Maybe you get some of their feats, maybe not, maybe you keep yours, maybe not. There are way too many variables from the setting to the things the GM might have in mind for the world to flat out say in the rules, and that is why it isn’t explicitly stated.

It’s like the Climbing feat, although it can give you the ability to walk upside down on walls, that might not make sense for your character. Maybe your character is just a natural climber, so they are able to scale up walls without worry of doing any sort of might or agility or other rolls, but they can’t just hang there upside down like the would be walking on the ground.

Climbing used to have 2 tiers, one that allowed good climbing,a nd one that allowed the upside down. B/c of the cost ratio, it was just dropped to 1 tier, and left for the player and GM to decide, like many things with Open Legend, that make sense for the situation.


Maybe you get some of their feats, maybe not, maybe you keep yours, maybe not. There are way too many variables from the setting to the things the GM might have in mind for the world to flat out say in the rules, and that is why it isn’t explicitly stated.

I suppose that makes sense. In that case, I am going to say character’s get the feats because to me it doesn’t make sense to become a creature and not gain it’s skills and abilities.

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Sure, the reason it is left to the GM is mainly for balance. They are already gaining benefits by increasing their Might, Fortitude, Agility, & Perception attributes. This mainly increasing Guard, HP, and Toughness.

You could say gaining feats that aren’t related to that they don’t get too. Don’t be afraid to say, “Ok, I thought this would be ok, but it seems a little unbalanced, so we are changing it to be this from now on.”

The great thing is, since you are controlling the battles, you can still make sure things are balanced in the end. The real biggest concern for me is how the player plays, and if it takes away from the other players having moments or not.

I’m re-opening this thread rather than starting a new one.

With shapeshift, the base creature ports their Alteration score into the new form. Does that mean they can activate alteration boons while in the new shape? For example if the base had haste, can it make this other creature form use haste?

Up to the GM for that particular setting that they know the world best in.

The reason for alteration is so you can change back mainly, but some GM I am sure will allow you to do some with alteration too, probably depends how much they allow or give you from the form you change to