Several questions - never played before

First, I’m having trouble finding parts of the rules. I feel like I must be doing something incorrectly because I cannot find the list of actions you can take for your turn. I see things like “Defense action” and “sustain boon” mentioned in rules for different things, but I cannot find these actions in the rules themselves. I may have just overlooked it somewhere in the core rules, but I can’t seem to find it.

Second: In the banes section, some abilities such as truthfulness mention “invocation time” but never actually say what the time is.

And finally:
The feat “Superior Concentration” mentions its effect as “When you take the sustain a boon minor action…” does this also affect banes? I cannot find a similar ability for banes. Or do banes not need to be sustained?


  • Action economy is explained in Chapter 7: Combat, so you’ll find the answers to your questions there.

  • I’m assuming you are looking at the PDF, where through some merging mistake sometime “Invocation Time” appears randomly in front of some Banes or Boons. If it doesn’t actually say anything after “Invocation TIme”, either via time or action measurement, than it means it’s just a standard action and it was a mistake.

  • Banes don’t need to be sustained (with the sole exception of Phantasm, unless I forgot something). So once a bane is applied, it last as long until it is resisted or if they fail to resist until their Duration ends (which is noted at the beginning of most banes).

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Thanks, that clears things up a lot.