Setting idea. (need help)

I have an idea for a game set mostly in a single dungeon.

So the players are dead and are sent to death’s tower, this will make for a more interesting story off the bat cuz the players can write their own deaths, did they go out fighting, did they take their own life, or were they murdered, this is something most players rarely get to do.

However there death they are sent to this tower and must escape and to do so they have to make it to the top of death’s tower, consisting of ( X ) number of floors each with a different theme. (so tundra, fields, desert etc.) each floor would also have its own towns, missions and small dungeons. (like caves.)

since the players are already dead they can’t die so instead of dieing the players are sent to the main hub at the bottom floor of the tower losing almost all of their magic gear except for one piece (chosen by the player or at random i don’t know yet ) and all gear previously chosen at the end of the dungeon they fight death to live again OR live inside the tower able to move freely through the tower.


This sounds awesome! Let us know what you need help with and I’m sure we’ve got some GMs willing to share wisdom and help you shape ideas.

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I mostly need help with

  • the number of floors

  • how and why the player the stick together

  • and if the player chooses which magic item to keep or if chosen at random

The number of floors, only you can decide based on your campaign. Maybe you don’t even need to say exactly how many there are at the start, that way you can keep adding new ones until you’re ready to wrap up the campaign - at which point you say “this is the final floor” and nobody has to know it wasn’t planned from the start :wink:

Getting players to stick together can be tricky, I find a good start is to tell the players that their characters already know each other while they’re making them, but let them decide how they know each other. Maybe there’s a pair of brothers, their childhood friend, and a guardian angel of one of them. Or they could be a squad of soldiers who all fought together in the war and are finally reunited in death. If the players have existing relationships to fall back on, they’re less likely to have their character strike out on their own. Don’t force relationships on them because that can feel weird, but tell them they have to have positive relationships with the other characters and let them have fun coming up with options.

I would give players the choice, because that allows you to give them minor items without risking the major ones. If it were random then players may turn down that very helpful “lens of spirit vision” because they don’t want to risk their “Holy Longsword of the Avenging Angel”


There is no set floors. This is death’s domain, the tower grows and shrinks on whims and based on number of dead/spirits, etc etc.

IN FACT, when the players maybe back track, they’ll discover a floor is not there anymore.

Anytime a party member is alone, the get visited by death or a minion of death to quickly dispose of them and send them back down to the bottom floor. Once they know that, they’ll be less likely to be by themselves.

And then all the stuff Sam said.