Session 1 | (Nerdarchy) Aether Skies- The Beginning of the End | Game Play Aether Skies- The Beginning of the End

Check out session 1, I’m sure if I had time to keep up with all the content I would do the same and love it. What did you guys think? Anything you would change? I know there was some speculation around some special mechanics they were rolling and how well that would play out.


I talked to Dave from Nerdarchy and he said they’re using my suggested Insanity Rules (linked below) with just one small tweak. Instead of rolling an attack against the wielder’s sanity score, they have this crazy powerful attribute called “Aether” they can use to power up other rolls to get Advantage. When it’s invoked, the roll is used both as an invocation of whatever attack or boon, and also as an attack against their Sanity defense. So the more successful their attempt at channeling Aether is, the more power they draw upon and the more they cause their own sanity to slip away… Personally, I love it! :heart_eyes:

House Rules for Insanity


I’m one of the players in this game and I loved it. The world Dave created, and the input we players had the opportunity to include was great.

This is my first time playing Open Legend and I’m really enjoying the ruleset. Our first session felt very adventuresome and I can’t wait to continue exploring the system and the Nerdarchy campaign!


I’m one of the players, too. We keep getting comments on that character sheet you guys made for me and how great it is. I had no idea what my powers were or what I could do when I started playing but when Dave and Ted told me about the clickable features it was so simple to figure out. That interactive character sheet is gold.


I’m really enjoying watching you all play. Story is interesting can’t wait for more!

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That interactive character sheet is gold.

As the creator of said character sheet/builder, blush :blush: