Sci-Fi Character Sheet

This is based on the originally designed Free Esper Genesis character sheet by Castle Sky Dawn Design.

I began my first SciFi campaign, and I wanted something with a scifi/futuristic feel for OpenLegend. It’s been through a couple of iterations based on my players feedback, and I finally got around to making it form fill-able and calculating.

The second page has areas for filling in RP information, language knowledge, item tracking and some extraneous things like vehicle and roles.

I’ve made a plain PDF, PNG images, a Form Fillable and Calculating PDF, and the GIMP XCF files available, so you can edit and tweak for your own use.


This one is really clean and nice. Great work!


Very nice! Love the design. The only thing I noticed was the attribute points (40) doesn’t change when assigning points say to agility etc.

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can confirm, it seems the dice update, but neither the cost nor the total used points

Thanks for the heads up! I’m seeing that behavior in a few different PDF apps. I think it’s an order of calculations issue. (master pdf editor doesn’t seem to have an calc/field reorder :confused:) I’ll try with a different PDF editor and straighten it out.

There is definitely an issue with fields not calculating properly, like the total used, thanks for confirming.

The form is built to calculate the score based on the cost, or allow overriding the cost (attribute substitution) and entering the score manually.

Does it work for you that way? There might be a better way to handle it, since that’s not intuitive.

Most people enter the score, as the score is very easy to enter, whereas the cost takes more calculation to determine.

That makes sense, thank you. My local players adjust the cost as they gain attribute points from XP, so it was constructed around cost.

Perhaps there is a way to calculate either score or cost based on the the manually entered number, while still allowing an override of cost for attribute substitution. Or a better way to handle it altogether.

Thanks for the feedback!

Updated: Form now calculates correct attribute points for each entered score, and properly accounts for used attribute points. Form field order should be smoother (e.g. less erratic) as well.

Added free font for form embedded fields. Can’t seem to get font embedding to work in the pdf.