Scaling combat due to size difference

I’m not sure if I asked the same in the old forums. Is there a scaling for combat it there is a substantial size difference of the combatants? lets say a fire giant battles a human. The giant’s hide would be surely much harder to penetrate with those tiny sized human weapons (and hardly could do much serious damage). Same for strength and other ascpects of such a size difference.

The only thing size changes is literal size (as in number of squares on the grid) and reach in melee (you have melee reach equal to the length of your base size). If you want a giant to have tougher skin, then you can give it higher Guard and Toughness. If you want it to be stronger, give it more points in Might.

Of course, outside of combat the GM should always give advantage or disadvantage based on favourable/unfavourable circumstances and size is no exception.

Another option if you’re often having this come up and need a ruling for it; you could treat it like the “tech levels” optional rule. For reference, you can find that in chapter 5 under “properties”


The tech level is indeed an exellent idea, thanks.

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Honestly, not really. Their hide might be thicker, but not necessarily harder to penetrate. If you are talking about the magnitude of size difference being like… 100x or something, then yeah, more like a splinter I suppose. But even in DnD (the most common comparison people use), a fire giant only has 18 AC. Often they have immunities depending on the type of giant (fire in the case of fire giant).

I think giants are only around 2~4 times as tall as a regular human. Fire giants being around 18 feet (so 3 times).

If it make sense, give them a few resistances that ups their defense vs a certain type of attack.

And like Sam said, always free to give out Advantage/Disadvantage as you see fit.


Also assuming tiny sized human weapons. Some of the one-handed weapons a giant would use could be wielded two-handed by some humans.

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