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I’m French and I play with other French players, some of whom have a poor English.
For this reason, I am currently translating Open Legend into French.
This includes the core rules, banes, boons, and feats.

For now I keep the translation to myself because I don’t know what I can and cannot do regarding the licence.
If enough people are interested, and if I have confirmation that I can make this public legality-wise, I will put it online and post a link here.

If the creators/contributors team wishes to use my translations and put it on their website, I’d be honored. Else I can put it on a dedicated website.

The main question for now is: can I translate and make public my translation of Open Legend (While still linking to the original version) ? Which parts of the content on the website can I translate, and which parts shouldn’t I translate?


You can translate anything in the SRD and are encouraged to do so.

With community help I got the character sheet translations done on HeroMuster, so by all means, I know that’s only a small part, but it’s useful.

I would recommend downloading the Markdown document I linked above and then creating an exact translation of that document with the same formatting. That would provide the highest value in my opinion. Bonne chance!

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For now I’m translating it on my own wiki, because it’s so much easier and readable with clear pages and separations.
I’ll fork the SRD and copy-paste my translations when I’m done.

Regarding the character sheet translation however, there is one translation (Learning) I disagree with. But that’s another story.

As of now, I’ve translated all the Banes, half of the Feats, chapter 5. Wealth and Equipment, and half of chapter 9. special equipment. I’ve also translated the quick description of all attributes and defenses, as well as the whole description (including chapter 2./section “Attributes and Action rolls in play”) for half of the attributes.
I’ll keep you up to date.

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It’s kind of your Knowledge, so maybe that is a better word to use to translate?

I myself hesitated with Savoir, because it’s a prettier and simpler word. But to me, everything lies in the kind of. If it was actually Knowledge, it would have been okay to translate it to Connaissances or Savoir; but it’s Learning, so it should be translated to Apprentissage or something like this, because the goal is to keep to the meaning of the translated word. (But yes, in essence, I don’t really see where the “Learning” attribute differs from “knowledge itself”, even in the description of the attribute).

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Luckily you can make suggested changes. :slight_smile: edit: I read your suggestion and it makes sense, so I’ve updated it live to apprentissage.

Could you share those? Currently, the character sheet just uses the English translation for the hover tip describing the attribute, but I could edit it to use a translation.


To be fair, it is not about translating everything as it was written in my opinion, but more about keeping the true meaning, the meaning intended. I truly believe that, while not the most accurate to the original source, the translation “savoir” is the most accurate, as it fits the description the most, but could also be used in a more broad sense like “apprentissage” in itself. By using “apprentissage”, you would take the risk of confusing the players and DM in some situations, where they would be like “Well, I need to check if that magic circle is to bring back demons, or whatever, but I can’t see anything at first glance that fits that role in my character sheet”.

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Jillis, the fact is that it is not named Knowledge in the rules for a reason. It is not only what you know, it is how well you remember the things you’ve been told / you read / etc. That’s why I think the better translation is Apprentissage, because with Savoir you don’t keep the meaning “I learn/recall things efficiently/easily”. And anyway, if English players are not confused by “Learning”, neither should French players.

ucfflool, Here you go:

  • Agilité : Esquiver une attaque, être discret, faire des acrobaties, tirer à l’arc, voler à la tire.
  • Endurance : Résister au poison, ignorer la douleur, survivre dans un désert, porter une armure lourde.
  • Force : Donner un coup de massue, sauter par-dessus un trou, casser une porte.
  • Apprentissage : Se rappeler de faits sur l’Histoire, les arcanes, la nature, ou n’importe quelle information que vous avez lue ou entendue.
  • Logique : Résoudre une énigme, déchiffrer un message, improviser un outil, comprendre la stratégie d’un ennemi.
  • Perception : détecter un mensonge, traquer quelqu’un, trouver une porte secrète, apercevoir un ennemi caché.
  • Volonté : Garder la tête froide, résister à la torture, rester éveillé pendant son tour de garde, résister à la folie.
  • Tromperie : Mentir, tricher aux cartes, se déguiser, répandre des rumeurs.
  • Persuasion : Négocier, convaincre quelqu’un, récolter des informations.
  • Présence : Donner un discours, chanter une chanson, inspirer une armée, avoir de la force de caractère, avoir de la chance.
  • Altération : Changer de forme, altérer la structure des molécules, changer un matériau en un autre.
  • Création : Concentrer des pouvoirs divins pour soigner, créer, regénérer, buff etc.
  • Energie : Invoquer et contrôler les éléments : feu, glace, électricité…
  • Entropie : Désintégrer la matière, tuer avec un mot, invoquer des morts-vivants, répandre des maladies.
  • Influence : Contrôler les esprits des autres, parler par télépathie, créer des illusions, se rendre invisible.
  • Mouvement : Se téléporter, voler, augmenter ou baisser la vitesse des autres.
  • Prescience : Voir le futur, lire les pensées et les auras, voir à distance, détecter la magie ou le mal, communiquer avec des extraplanaires.
  • Protection : Protéger ou se protéger, détruire une influence surnaturelle, annuler la magie, emprisonner des démons.

Yes, a definition that, strangely, perfectly fits Knowledge. Why Learning was chosen over Knowledge that has the same meaning as Learning, but also the same meaning as the description, is over me. “Savoir”, is everything “Apprentissage” is, and even more. Savoir does have the meaning of recalling and learning, when you say “Je ne sais pas/plus”, you use “savoir” as if it was “apprentissage” and “souvenir” (remember), it is not the primary use of it indeed, but the act of “learning/recall thing efficiently/easily” is also not the description of the skill.

The only problem I truly have with “savoir”, is that it is way too broad, so broad that you could use it for some checks that may be intended for something else. The translation I would have gone with personally is “Connaissance”, which serve the same purpose as “Savoir”, but is not nearly as broad, and is definitely more in the lines of “apprentissage” in the sense that it is more about what you can recall, but also how well you manage to learn.

“Apprentissage”, in my eyes, is only used and focused for “what you can learn”, not much about recalling, since even if you learned something, you could be a airhead, or have Alzheimer and forget it the very next day, if not even a few hours later, learning is not knowing in my opinion, but I can definitely see why it would also fit in, even though not as much as “Savoir” , and even less than “Connaissance” to me. However, I could totally be wrong, I may be good in both French and English, but my studies are not focused on being a translator, so my word is definitely not absolute.

From the core rules, chapter 2 :
“You make a Learning roll whenever you attempt to recall important information, make sense of conflicting details, or assimilate unfamiliar knowledge into your own context.”
“An important note about Learning is that it represents both the knowledge that you are familiar with and also your ability to gain new knowledge quickly.”
I think that in those sentences lie the reason why it’s “Learning” and not “Knowledge”, and thus should be “Apprentissage”. “Savoir” does not in my opinion reflect any learning process. Maybe Education, but even then it would be biased. I think the attribute is too broad to have a good one-word definition, so I’ll just keep to my “literal” translation.

Thanks! The character builder has been updated with this translation.

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How do you make a suggestion ? When I tried, it replaced the actual translation. When I say “suggest”, I mean expose your idea on why I think something else might be better, and then having people come and discuss the proposition.

Nothing replaces it live… this website lets me organize things and I can see changes and accept the one that I prefer (I can even lock particular translations).

Hi there, fellow French player here! Nice to know that we have a little community :slight_smile:

I’m actually the one that suggested the text for the character sheet, and I thought “Savoir” sounded better than “Apprentissage” (quite a long word). But hey, I’m as much of an authority as you are. I think we should settle this the good old way: a fencing duel!

Please let me know if I can help you with the translation! I don’t think I have time to translate big chunks of the rules in a nice way, but I can certainly handle some parts or take a look at your text if you want a second opinion.


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If you want to help, awesome. I’ll give you the details in private.
If anyone wishes to help, just contact me in private and I’ll see what we can do.

click on their name within the post, there is a thing that says “message”

I don’t have anything (or I’m clicking at the wrong place, but there is little place for interpretation in "click on their name within the post). Maybe it’s an admin thing.

Definitely not an admin thing. I’m not an admin, but I have the option. It’s probably a trust level thing. It doesn’t look like you’ve earned the “Basic” badge yet. Once you do, you should be able to do PMs.

Indeed, now that I look at it. Thanks!
I’ve checked what was needed to get it, now it should be okay.

I also translated the rules in french by myself for my players. I translated “Learning” as “Éducation”, i find it fits the definition perfectly.