Rule change suggestions for Solo Play

I was wondering what sort of changes, if any, might need to be put in to use Open Legend in a game with one GM and one Player?

I would say none. 1 player or 4 players, it doesn’t really change much.

You can do 1 player 1 GM with DnD with the rules as they are.

The only thing is encounter balance, I suppose? And that’s done by the GM anyways.


Honestly, I think Open Legend would run a GM + 1 Player better than any system out there. Mostly because of how NPC creation works


I might let the player create one or two additional characters, sorta like sidekicks, to support his “main character” (the main protagonist of the game). This kind of game is ideal for solo play, where the player doesn’t have to compete for the spotlight with other players, but can develop the character relations in his small party as he sees fit. I don’t think I’d personally like to run more than 3 characters tops, but that is just the amount of bookkeeping involved that vexes me =P

@targ8practice is conceptualizing a Pokemon RPG for OL that might be perfect for 1 GM and 1 PC.

I agree totally, The video games and even the card games are all about the One on One.

I’ve put it on the back burner at the moment whilst I focus on school work, trying to make sure that this doesn’t become an addiction. But I’m sure you know what its like to have an idea knocking around in your head and it wont go away :stuck_out_tongue:

The moves I have figured out and the trainer stuff mostly done, the issue I am having is how to level the pokemon themselves. I’m trying to make a version of a “leveling table” that’s a combination of the companion feat and the simple NPC creation