Roll20 Character Sheet

Just updated layout fix from Roll20’s last update that messed up layout for nearly everyone. (plus some updates I forgot to post from long ago that happened long ago.

1.9.8a on 2018 July 6th

  • Quick Fix of layout due to Roll20 Char-o-mancer update changing default padding/spacing for all charactersheets across the site
    • Next update should be v2.0 of sheet with improved layout and borders (might be awhile)

1.9.8 on 2018 May 31st

  • Default Advantage for NPCs on Primary attribute 1 & 3 fixed
    • Was the same attribute name, fixed so each seperate
  • Legendary Item display on a new sheet creation by default fixed
    • Toggled it to “hide” instead of “show”

1.9.7 on 2018 May 27th

  • Made NPC initiative rolls go to the tracker
    • Oops, not sure how I let that slip through

I’ve done a few updates, but didn’t post them here, so I am now since I just did another update today. Probably won’t go live on Roll20 for a week based on the merge (and just missing it today).

1.9.9 on 2019 August 19th

  • Worker Scripts for Boon Actions
    • Rare error when certain fields updated, did not reflect correctly for Roll Output to chat for boons
    • Added commands to run Function that assigns Boon values to output
  • Target Selection for Attack added
    • Drop down menu added “Attack (Defend Interrupt)” as an option for a targeted Defense

1.9.8c on 2019 April 12th

  • Folder Rename
    • Changing folder name in Roll20 github from “Open Legend Basic by Great Moustache” to “Open Legend”
    • When I was a young pup in the game, didn’t realize should have named folders better
  • Image Updates 2
    • Updated all remaining links in preperation for Folder rename

1.9.8b on 2019 April 6th

  • Image Updates
    • Updated all link references to Roll20 Github
    • Uploaded Open Legend Logo and background images for v2 of the sheet

I have most of the layout done for the new v2.0.0 of the sheet, but the 2nd part (java worker scripts) are next. I want to make it as efficient as possible, so it isn’t as intensive for the browser. Finally having some time that I should be able to set aside to work on it, so I suppose look for that upcoming!