Roll20 Character Sheet v2.0 Info Page

Roll20 Character Sheet Author Great Moustache reporting in.

This post is for current and future updates and progression of the version 2.0 sheet for Roll20. I decided to make it a separate page for tracking purposes. To see the previous version info: Go Here

Currently this is just a page holder and to announce the plans for it. As I do work and get things moving, I’ll post more, including a link to join the game page for the “Test Grounds” of the new sheet.

The reason for this page is so that I can provide a place for the community to come to in order to post problems, suggestions, comments, or other things concerning the sheet. It will also track the Change Log and Plans/Current Progress of updates to the sheet.

Naturally, for a full Change Log, you can visit the github: Go Here

Note: This doesn’t include updates or in progress work that is in the Test Grounds, and only the most recently pushed updates to Roll20’s github & website

The next few posts below organize what is going on with the sheet.

In Progress

Refers to what is currently being planned to update on the sheet

Suggestions from the Community

Title fairly obvious

Completed Recently

Again, pretty obvious, but only includes the last several updates instead of the full change log.

In Progress

2.0.0 :: Launch of new version of Sheet

  • Completely new layout coding for HTML & CSS
    • Estimated Progress: 0%
  • Clean up and optimize Java Worker Scripts
    • Estimated Progress: 0%
  • Make various borders as different options
    • Estimated Progress: 25%
  • Tools, Tips, and Useful Macros in the settings section
    • Estimated Progress 0%

Suggestions from the Community

Make a “Buff” thing like Starfinder/Pathfinder sheet

  • Asked from TrinitysEnd
  • Not entirely sure is needed and might add too much more complexity, but will consider - Great Moustache

Completed Recently

Nothing to see here

  • Not launched yet, so nothing officially completed and uploaded to roll20