Realm Works support


I supported the Hero Lab treath on the Lone Wolf Forums, but I was wondering if Realm Works will be supported?


you would have to ask them that.

For most things like that, either they have to do it on their end, or a community member has to be willing to create code or work to support a system.

its says:

Realm Works can be used with any game system

I dont’ think realm works uses rolling of dice, it is for all the other things, so I don’t think you have to worry about support?

No but for 5e dnd for example, they have pregenerated information like for a spell: level, school, ritual?, description, at higher levels…

I think it is easy en quick to use.

Once the SRD is updated, it could be used for that, but someone has to be willing to put in the time to convert it over to however that system uses data, etc.