Quick Taunt Feat


Cost; 2


  • Able to inflict the Provoked bane


In the heat of the battle, you are able to taunt and distract your enemies who are going after your weaker companions and allies.


As an interrupt action, you are able to inflict the Provoked bane to an opponent who is attacking one of your allies. Roll your bane attack before the opponent has rolled their attack against your ally.


I wonder if making this a broader Feat

Allowing you to do either Provoked or Demoralized. Provoked is more powerful, but feels like it could work for either one.

You could then choose to purchase this feat again to get it for both.

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Interesting idea. I thought of provoked first because it fits the taunting “theme”, but there could be some synergy by allowing both, especially since you could apply both if the target didn’t resist the first one.

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