Questions about pre-order

How does it exactly works if I want to order core rules book and some pdfs? From time to time I hear that website is outdated, so I would like to invest my birthday cash to OL, since it’s probably last time for the next few years I will be able to.
Does pdfs get updated and when does books come out?

Let me clear things up:

  • The website isn’t outdated. The SRD though is, so don’t use, as of this moment in time.

  • The PDFs are immediately available to you as soon as you purchase them. They are pretty much finished, but maybe a couple of details will be cleaned up, but don’t expect and any major changes

  • The books are right now in the warehouse, being prepared to be distributed. I don’t know though if you would purchase right now the books, that they would be among the current badge or if it would take longer for them to be shipped. That question can only answered by the Publisher themselves.


It’s a point of confusion I see fairly often. In other systems the SRD is “the bit of the rules you can get for free” but that’s not the case in OL. Because OL is free, players and GMs are expected to use the full version of the rules that’s available on the website; the OL SRD is for developers looking to make expansions to the system under the open source license, and is quite outdated because the publishers are focusing on getting kickstarter rewards out to the people who’ve paid for them first.

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