Question about Character Build, Edward Elric (ish)

Hello all,
A player of mine asked me if she could play a character similar to Edward Elric in a game I’m running. The game itself doesn’t utilize alchemy as a central tool, but magic is weird and I said sure. Since she didn’t know how to use Open Legend (and we were very short on time), I suggested a build for her, but I’m beginning to doubt if I made the right choice. Could you please take a look at what I suggested and give me a better recommendation?

Level 1, 40 attribute points, 6 feat points.
The only things I remember is that the character had PL5 Alteration, Boon Focus (Transmutation) (Tier 1), and Extraordinary Focus (Metal, Alteration). The remaining 25 attribute points were allocated mainly to Agility, Presence, and Will.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions you might have. I want to make sure she enjoys playing a character that isn’t gimped in any way.


So first:

For those that might not know, Edward Elric is from Full Metal Alchemist Anime series


I suggest using to put up the character, helps others see, and they might respond with character sheets created there for you.

Alteration would be a very good pick for the character, although creation (and the genesis boon) might be good as well.

Depending on attribute points, I’d either keep both fairly high, with more emphasis on Alteration, or use Attribute Sub for Alteration and Creation.

Otherwise I think it works fine what you suggested.


The only difference I would make is to leave out Extraordinary Focus for now, and instead have Boon Focus II, so that “Alchemy” would be a focus action instead of 1 minute.

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Hey, I think alteration is a super good pick, especially for the transmutation for changing stuff into weapons etc.

If you were to take creation 3 it would give you access to both

Also I think high agility would be great to show his martial arts and use the weapons that he makes.

Getting boon focus 2 for any of the boons mentioned makes it one time increment faster.
So for the transmutation with one focus action (one round) you could make or change a weapon instead of the normal cast time of 1 minute (10 rounds).
Boon Focus 2 for Barrier lets you alter the map twice in one round so that is also an option to consider
Companion Feat could be used for Alphonse if you want to be a dynamic duo :slight_smile: .


Just make sure you’re careful with how you handle the Animation boon if you take this route! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


remember, the OP’s player wasn’t wanting to make Edward Elric himself, but a character like that.

A fair point.

Another cool feat is Heightened Invocation
This could let you pull of some of the larger feats of alchemy and allows for a lot of the cool alchemic symbol flavour.

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This feat, with Boon Focus II (Transmutation), would make some seriously powerful Alchemy!


The interaction between these two would be up to the GM depending on setting and campaign. Would depending on which the GM thinks should apply first (Boon Focus then Heightened, thereby still being 1 minute) or the other way, which would make it be 1 Focus action (personally the way I would GM it, but can see where certain worlds this might potentially break things too much?)

Thank you all for the suggestions! I’m particularly interested in the second tier of boon focus (transmutation, and heightened invocation (for a later level, me thinks). Creation for barrier and genesis isn’t a bad idea either.

I’ve noticed that several of the boons attached to Alteration seem to be things that Edward was never capable of using, such as flight, regeneration, and haste. What do you guys do when you’re mechanically capable of using boons/banes that you never really figured fit with your character?

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With great power comes great responsibility.


I actually think that rules as written require the minute. Here’s the relevant text from the Heightened Invocation feat:

When invoking a bane or boon, you may choose to do so as a heightened invocation. The invocation time for a heightened invocation is one increment higher than usual as follows:

  • 1 action becomes 1 minute
  • 1 minute becomes 10 minutes

…and from the Boon Focus feat:

If the invocation time is 1 minute, it becomes 1 focus action. If the invocation time is 10 minutes, it becomes 1 minute.

Sounds to me like they undo one another regardless of the order in which they’re applied (in this case; it’s different if the Boon in question has a shorter casting time).

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Well, if you apply the Boon Focus II feat 1st to Transmutation it becomes a minor action.

With Heightened invocation, ANY action (Major, Move, Minor, Free) becomes 1 minute.

So order of operations is important.

1 minute becomes 1 focus action for Boon Focus II.

Transmutation = 1 Major action
Apply Boon Focus II = 1 Minor action
Apply Heightened Invocation = 1 minute


Transmutation = 1 Major action
Apply Heightened Invocation = 1 minute
Apply Boon Focus II = 1 Focus action
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Transmutation has a 1 minute casting time, so applying Boon Focus II makes it a focus action. Applying Heightened Invocation after that puts it back to a minute.

If you apply Heightened Invocation first, the time increases to 10 minutes, but it’s reduced back to 1 minute by Boon Focus II.

I completely agree that order of operations matters for boons with an invocation time of a focus action or less, but transmutation is a minute.

Wow, I totally missed that Transmutation was a minute to cast, but I suppose that does make sense.

I had forgotten that in my games I allowed my player to modify terrain and such through transmute but not limited to 1 minute, but just a major action.

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You mean you aren’t an encyclopedia? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (I had to look up the invocation time, too).

For the record, my feeling in those cases where it does matter is that Boon Focus should be applied first. There are a couple of reasons for this:

  • Boon Focus II always impacts invocation time (effectively changing the base value for the character), whereas Heightened Invocation is optional
  • I think that it’s better from a balance perspective to require a minimum of one minute for the effects of Heightened Invocation

Obviously there can be exceptions as demanded by the story, but that’s my general take on the matter.

The biggest factor for me would be 1 of two things. The player specifically built a cool character concept around being able to do it faster. The other is nullifying a feat isn’t something I generally like, and by doing it first, it makes the feat less appealing to have, albeit in that one instance since you can still apply it in non heightened invocations.

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