Psychic Rules for a Telekinetic blast

Hey, all, I’m playing in the sponsored Nerdarchy game on Fridays and I was wondering if there was a list of rules already made for solving psychic combat? Currently, I want to know if I can use my telekinesis (power level 5) to launch a blast of raw telekinesis as a “force bolt” to hit a target. Is there a way to do this? How would I work out damage?

Hi @ComicBookUniversity, this is a type of question we get often and the answer is usually that you’re overthinking it.

If you want your character to deal damage with psychic force, then simply roll an attack with Prescience or Movement (or whatever attribute you are using for psychic power) versus an appropriate defense; the damage is calculated in the same way as any other attack. This method also works for any other sort of Extraordinary attack, provided you can explain it and your GM says okay, any attribute can be used to attack!

Hope this helped, let us know if you have any more questions :smile:


If I can always use the “overthinking it” rule then I’m golden, because that’s exactly what I’d have done. I kind of had to make it “official” here as a reference :stuck_out_tongue:
Much thanks, SamWilby.

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It’s best to discuss these options with your GM, so he can give his stamp of approval.

There is no official version of psychic attacks, as psychic forces and attacks are themselves not well defined and quite vague, which makes most psychic battles probably look like this:


Hi! I believe Prescience or Movement are not intended for direct attacks in the raw combat rules (Movement is more of a soft force as I see it, so you can use it to push a bookshelf on your enemy but that’s pretty much it).
Of course your GM could handwave it or interpret it differently. But the best way to deal with it in my opinion would be to take the Attribute Substitution feat (Prescience or Movement => Agility). Since you can attack with Agility, now you can attack with your supernatural attribute instead and even use it to dodge like a jedi!

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Any attribute can be used to make an attack, provided you have an explanation, with no attribute substitution necessary. See “Using Attributes to Inflict Damage” in the Combat chapter
Prescience is a hard sell (because it’s more mental than physical, but not as direct as Influence), but Movement is definitely acceptable. It’s only a “soft force” if that’s how the narrative describes it for your character.


“You broke my heart with that .gif @VanGo . I KNOW IT WAS YOU!!”

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Awesome, because my movement does substitute for my agility. Boo-yaa!!

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Muchas gracias @SamWilby!

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