Power Armor/Gyver suit

I’m look for tips to build a gyver monk. I know I would need Alteration 4 or Movement 4 to absorb substance to simulate the armor morphing over the character’s body. How could I build the suit with some light armor, energy blast, and a few movement options? Thanks for such a diverse character creation system.

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This doesn’t really answer your question, but check out these feats! They’d be right up your ally for a Guyver Suit!

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Great question that I seem to recall seeing answered on the old forums. I think the easy solution is the Alternate Form feat. The Alternate Form can be used to describe your armored character and their abilities. This allows you to build the Protection, Energy and Movement that you want, then also build a ‘normal’ character with other attributes.


Some people have done this via the vehicles section. Depends on the setting I’d say (and GM).

Also not sure what a gyver monk is off hand, so can’t help too much on that end, but is the armor suppose to make them do things they can’t do normally?

Yes. Gyver is an anime, monk just describes his martial arts. Gyver armor is an alien symbiont suit of power armor.

Okay @cheflobo, I’ve just a couple questions:

  1. Does the power armor ever come off, or is it permanently worn? Can it come off?

  2. What level is this character starting at? Are you starting at Base Level 1, or are you going to be giving some extra XP?

My question of: “Is the armor suppose to make them do things they can’t do normally?” still stands on it, in addition to Conrad’s questions.

Basically, does the armor do things they don’t normally do, or just enhance what they already do?

I don’t even know what anime he’s talking about, monk / gyver don’t really give meaningful results on Crunchyroll.
That being said, a symbiotic suit I’d imagine just enhances the system it’s interred, I don’t think it’d be beyond what they could do (represented by their character attributes etc)

edit: guyver. Okay, I’ll see what I can find out. In the meantime, maybe just provide an example for both?