Player wants to be an enchanter

I have a player who wants to be an enchanter. Is there a simple way to make or bend rules to help me/them do so?

could you explain what you mean by Enchanter. That can mean different things to different people.

From, you enchant people to do your bidding. To you ehance weapons, and items, or make them.

Enhance weapons and armor with magical effects. Basically creating special equipment. I’m not opposed to this if it doesn’t break the game but am unaware how to balance or even accomplish it.

The biggest thing with Open Legend is:

Flavor/Fluff is Everything

Bolster Boon

will enhance anyone, and can be flavored as them reaching out and enchanting their weapon or their hands (for magical attacks, etc)

Resistance Boon

Will “enchant” armor onto people, etc.

for actually crafting:

Craft Extraordinary Items 1-3

So they can make actual weapons/items, and then can make consumable/expendable items really easily.

so those are some real quick examples


Thanks. Ill look I to it again.

Hi, Sorry I’m Late to the party. I’ve been stressing over finals all weekend, but I made something like this a while back.

I don’t know if this will help you, but maybe it will inspire your creative energy.:grin: