Player Creativity

During our last session, one of my players learned that he could use the Absorb Object boon. The description was pretty general, so we were joking about all of the crazy stuff you could hypothetically do with the boon. The player came up with the idea to shove an enemy into his chest compartment (he has a giant trapdoor on his chest that he swings open and stuffs things inside of after he restructures his internal organs to fit the item because all of the PCs always have ridiculous powers in this campaign). I really, really liked the idea, but I wasn’t sure if that would be very balanced. I reasoned that while the enemy was trapped inside of him, they could attempt to escape. I think it was pretty balanced, but I was wondering what people thought. If it isn’t balanced, any way I could still allow him to do it but make it more balanced?

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It is pretty creative, HOWEVER, technically they couldn’t do it, b/c the enemy wouldn’t be a willing target or considered an object that would apply to the Absorb Object boon.

You can still achieve the exact same result via the Immobile (grapple) Bane and flavor/fluff it like that, or even just rule it as something the player can do (still would need to do Immobile as a Bane attack to successfully stuff them inside I would say).

B/c the story is around the players anyways, overall, not really a big deal I would say, the would be getting the ability to move with the target of the “immobile bane” for free instead of having to re-roll the attack to move with them is all, but htere are plenty of people that don’t fully like that about using Might for immobile anyways.

I’ve done similar with a big blob/ooze creature that a player is playing as, they’ll immobilize them inside of htemselves and be able to move around. Makes it fun, and it isn’t too overpowered.

If the other players are good with it, I wouldn’t worry.


I agree with everything said above, but just to clarify a point: the reason Boons must be on willing targets is to prevent them from being used as attacks that bypass defences. Enemy Guard will get higher at higher levels, but Boons never get harder to invoke, and can even auto succeed with Boon Focus which is obviously bad for an attack.

Whenever you come across a situation like this (Telekinesis boon for hurling objects at enemies is another common one) look for a comparable mechanic using the rules for attacks and then change the description to match what is happening within the narrative. Helps keep things flowing nicely that way :smile: