Player Cheat Sheet

I reworked my cheat sheet to improve and correct some things. Hopefully people find this even more useful. Let me know if anything is incorrect.


Looks like you are missing level 10, and the attribute dice for a score of 10 (in the case of Extraordinary/Martial Focus as well as NPCs or Legendary Items increasing a score.

Looks good at a first glance, but I’m traveling the next couple of days, so didn’t have time to look at it too closely. Nice job!

Only thought I have right now: I’d either remove Agility/Might/Protection from the Interrupt tab, or specifically note that they’re suggestions rather than gospel. Otherwise, I think I’m going to download/bookmark this.

I’d make one edit, characters usually only swim at half speed instead of normal speed unless they have a special ability.

I’m not sure if the rules were changed on that, but a “Disrupting Attack” is not a Focus Action. On an Exceptional Success (10 over Defense) on any Damaging Attack you can choose to also inflict a Bane or cancel one Boon affecting being sustained by the target.

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Another minor thing is that not running 10 ft while jumping does not give Disadvantage 1.
It’s fine to house rule it that way but it isn’t core rules.

A good thing to include would probably be the minimum Damage of 3 on Damaging Attacks.