Picking the community brain - Custom Character Sheet

Thanks Hector,

I’m working on two things - a reworded character sheet and a reference sheet with synonyms for the regular sheet. I’ve had some feedback and some students prefer to learn the original words with help from a reference sheet while others would like the simplicity of an easier to understand document.

Snags I have hit right now are that I am on Linux and every program I have used to layout a new sheet require me to fiddle and look up tutorials - I’m in the throws of the school year now with a new baby and my time is limited :smiley:

But! I will make this happen :slight_smile:

@Great_Moustache That sheet looks amazing - if it gets to the final production phase, could I piggyback my alternative words on to it?

I like the booklet format. I have been using a booklet style sheet when running RISUS in the class and it works well. The younger students have less to distract them on each page.

of course.

I actually re-created the drawing part into digital and a PDF

I just need to go back now and finishing adding the last touches to it and make it form fillable. I could potentially make the words form fillable as well (so you could change up the words some that are printed on it).

I’ll probably try and touch on it here after another week when I get back from traveling.

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Just a heads up @Plus I have the form fillable PDF on the other post I linked to available. I can still make it so all the “proper names” are fillable too if you want so you could change them.

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You’re amazing. Thanks for this.