Phasing through objects

I have a player who wants to be able to phase through objects and walls. He already has the movement supernatural attribute for teleporting and other things. I am thinking of using that and making the DC based on the thickness of the material. Has has already mentioned he would be ok with bad things happening if he screws up to badly. Any thought from the community on how they would handle this.

Teleport already handles this if you teleport into an object, you are shunted out and stunned for a round.

Insubstantial is the actual boon for being able to phase through things.

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Not sure how I missed this. I can have him just change it a bit since his wouldn’t be sustained it would only be for the time it takes to walk through the wall.

if he is just wanting to walk through a wall, Teleport at PL 5 let’s you go to a place you can’t see, so you can just do that and flavor/fluff it as phasing.

Especially if they don’t have an Attribute of 7 yet for insubstantial.

yes he’ll only have an attribute of 5 currently.