Phantom Allies for Gothic Fantasy

I have been working on a source book for a bit, and since discovering the open legend rule set, it seems like it has the flexibility that I have been looking for.
The setting is gothic fantasy and there are going to be some rule changes to bring about a grittier tone. Characters, referred to as The Haunted, do not have access to the same kinds of high magic found in other settings. Instead, they can form pacts with spirits to grant them access to extraordinary abilities at the cost of having to work with/appease the spirit.
Characters will begin the game with 1 phantom ally they build, and have the option of leveling that ally or acquiring new phantoms as they gain experience. The phantoms abilities mark them as not quite an alternate form and not quite a companion. Although some can be manifested into the physical world for brief periods of time, they mostly exist in an ethereal state supplementing the attributes and abilities of their tether.
Right now I am looking at the companion and alternate form as guidelines, but probably going to add in unique phantom attributes, feats, perks and flaws.


Sounds interesting can’t wait to see/ hear more.

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This sounds really cool! I’d love to hear more as you develop this idea. I’d recommend that you see if you can either play in or run a game with the comparable feats in if possible, there are some things about the system that might not be so obvious from reading and actual play and testing always helps with house rules.

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I am actually starting my first playtest using the Open Legend rules this Sunday. I am going to attempt to add content to the wiki as I run things in the game.


Maybe the Summon Creature boon is what you’re looking for, or perhaps an Extraordinary Item with Sentient.

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