Phantasm for illusory appearance

I’ve been thinking about phantasm and how it could be used on targets as well as a space. The point of the house rule is to be able to change the appearance of willing characters (or anything relevant to the situation, like what they smell). It would function the same way as the normal bane, but targetting would be like this:

Phantasm bane on website

Power Level 1 - Affect Taste. Manifest a phantasm emanating from 1 target

Power Level 2 - Affect Smell, Sound, or Touch

Power Level 3 - Affect Sight

Power Level 4 - Manifest a phantasm emanating from 2 targets

Power Level 5 - Manifest a phantasm emanating from 3 targets

Power Level 6 - Affect All Senses

Power Level 7 - Manifest a phantasm emanating from 4 targets

Power Level 8 - Manifest a phantasm emanating from 6 targets

Power Level 9 - Manifest a phantasm emanating from 10 targets

Special: Whenever the caster wants more targets than prescribed by the PL, they suffer one level of disadvantage by additional target.


You can already target more than one person as it is though?

From the rules:

Unlike other banes, this bane does not work by targeting specific enemies. Instead, your Influence roll for invoking it is compared with the Resolve defense of each character that would perceive the created effect if it were real. If the roll is lower than their Resolve, they perceive none of the phantasm’s effects. If the roll is greater than or equal to their Resolve, they perceive the illusory effect you create and react as if it were real.

So what I understand from this is that the illusion emanates from a certain area, affecting the senses of those who can be affected. If I invoke an illusion changing the appearance of an ally, for example, it is unclear if said ally could leave the area without losing the illusion on itself.

You don’t need to specify an area. If you weave the illusion around an ally it “sticks”( for a lack of a better word) to it and moves with him.
The only limiting factor to that would be the range of the person casting it. The range depends on the casters attribute level.

It does simplify my life :stuck_out_tongue: However, I must be blind or misinterpret the bane, because I can’t find a part mentioning a character as the recipient of the illusion.

I don’t believe there are any banes that mention a character being a recipient of a bane. Most mention Target. And target can often be many things. For example, in the Darkness boon, it mentions an object, so whereas that might make it clear to many you can’t target a person, you can, however, target an object that the person has, and thereby allow the darkness boon to move with the person for as long as they are possessing that object.

The phantasm bane has many and varied application depending on the creativity of the person invoking it. It never mentions anywhere about the target of the bane, simply that the phantasm can manifest in a larger and larger area (this is the area which you can “change” or “affect”, in that, with the 5x5x5 area, you can’t make a large building appear, b/c it couldn’t fit in that 5x5, but a 20x20x20 could reasonably do that).

There’s no reason to believe that the phantasm can’t move. And a players creative attempt to use phantasm to disguise themselves or others via it, makes perfect sense. If you were wanting to do this to 3 allies and yourself, I see no reason you couldn’t multi-target the bane, or if you will always be clumped up in a group, a single target with a large enough area.

This, by the way, is based on the fact that boons have to target allies, so I was more referring to the fact you couldn’t target an enemy with darkness, but you could target an object they are holding or have on them.

I see! Thanks for taking the time to explain this. It cleared the confusion I had.