Persona Style Gameplay rules + Tools for the truly lazy (and cheap) Game Master (Dungeons without Maps + Generic NPC templates)

I present everyone… These…

Persona style + Mapless Dungeon/Overworld rules:

NPC Templates

I have been playing a lot of Shin Megami Tensei. And have been loving it.
So much so that one day I thought:
“What if our next campaign was persona?”

And now here we are.

The first link leads to a google document detailing rules to run a persona style game.
It’s basically just rules for persona style Social Links or Confidants or whatever you wanna call them.

Demon Negotiations?
You don’t really need rules for that since that already exists in pretty much every tabletop rpg.

The current game we’re playing uses all the rules listed there.
So yes they have received plenty of playtest and they are very fun. At least from our experience.
Potential problem being it was playtested for a 1 player game. Not sure how you would handle multiple players trying to romance the same character…
Or simply having 2 players share familiars.
Group familiar links I guess? Instead of individual players all players share the same rank with everyone. “A friend of a friend is a friend of mine.” sort of deal.

I tried to see how it might play out by letting the 1 player run multiple player characters but didn’t bother because 1 player character was already too much to track of for him.

I still think they would be fun for others so here they are.

Keeping true with the title however, the document is just a copy paste job.
No advice and stuff. If you got questions, ask them here I guess?

Up next we got tools for the lazy Open Legend Game Master in the form of Mapless Dungeons and Worlds, as well as NPC Templates.

The second link takes you to a drive download. Listed there are template generic npc’s you can simply plop without any effort into a game. Though they are also freely editable as needed.
Reed the txt file called ‘note’ for instructions.

Quick NPC build is nice but it’s still too slow and cumbersome for me. so I made generic templates instead!
No one has caught on to the trick that they have simply been fighting the same enemies just with different names yet!

They are created by the most common archetypes that most good combats typically have.
The frontliner strikers and defenders, and the backliner supports and utilities… They’re all there!

Again. They’re a copypaste job.
The normal enemies have “PP” listed below their HP stat which is for the magic system homebrew VanGo made that we’re using. With bosses also having a listed WL.
You can just ignore them though.
I can’t be bothered to manually edit all the files to remove them…
I didn’t check but there might be unfamiliar feats listed in there too… They are homebrew feats if you haven’t guessed.

Speaking of VanGo…

Up next we have the Dungeon Crawling and Overworld Travel rules.
Should they be called rules? They’re for GM’s… More like guidelines… Oh wait.

The Dungeon Crawling rules make use of the “Skill Challenge” rules that also he made.
You must know how skill challenges work in order to use this method.
The skill challenges rules can be read here:

Make use of the Battle View System honeybadger made and now you can run the game without the need of any maps or grids ever again.

The Overworld Travel Rules are also there. You need only understand how Time and Dungeon Crawling works which is already written in the documents.

I was originally planning on posting the lazy dungeon master and persona style homebrew seperately.
But the dungeon and overworld rules sort of rely on the other rules used there so I just decided why not? Post them all in one thing.

The thing might be worded weirdly and talk about stuff that aren’t clarified because they are specific to our current campaign… Sorry. Wait for the campaign setting module I guess :wink:

Anyway… Would love to know what anyone who sees this might think!
But with bad internet problems I cant guarantee I’ll be able to reply immediately.