Open Races (as envisioned by me)

I’ve been making a list of perk/flaw combinations that seek to emulate some basic fantasy races (from other franchises) as I understand them. These should be seen as suggestive packages, much akin to the ones found under attributes, feats and equipment packages for character creation. I’ve limited each racial pack to 1 perk and 1 flaw, as I believe there should be room for personal costumization. Without further ado, here we go

  • Human: Courageous, Bravado

  • High Elf: Scholar, Absent-Minded

  • Wood Elf: Sylvan Ally, Socially Awkward

  • Dark Elf: Ear of the Emperor, Ambitious

  • Mountain Dwarf: Stone Sense, Greedy

  • Hill Dwarf: Artisan, Proud

  • Halfling: Lucky, Naive

  • Half-orc: Brute, Bloodlust

  • Half-elf: Silver Tongue, Pacifist

  • Dragonborn: Resilient, Hot Tempered

  • Gnome: Scent, Literal Minded

  • Tiefling: Extraordinary Presence, Cosmetic Deformity

  • Warforged: Ageless, code of conduct

Keep in mind, these are just suggestions and can be used as inspiration, or not at all. I hope you enjoy it.


This is great, I love this @Jayparion!

I love this, do you mind me modifying this for my home brew world?

I’d love it if folks used threads like this to be just a community thing where everyone throws in their own builds. We could even have a policy of editing the original post to include suggestions from different authors!


Sure, go ahead. My blessing to all you folks playing Open Legend =)


I might definitely steal this for my upcoming campaign!

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Warforged: Ageless, code of conduct

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Warforged added, thanks targ8practice.

Not problem, now to work on the rest of the Everton racial variants
Changeling,Shifters,jungle drow, kalashtar

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