Open Legend ruleset for FantasyGrounds

Wondering if anyone is actively working on a ruleset for use in FantasyGrounds?

My code-fu is not up to snuff to take on the project myself.

There was talk about this long ago. Fantasy Grounds mentioned they would be willing to include support for the special rolling system and such, but they are currently working on other projects, so it could be awhile.

And they so… expensive…

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Yeah, I saw that. I thought it was possible for new rulesets to be developed by the community as well, though, rather than officially sanctioned versions?

You can AFAIK by reading the Developer information, but it’s a lot of XML and a lot of work. Hard to justify doing so unless:

  1. You already have an account with them and a group
  2. There was some way to recoup the time investment (because your work profits a 3rd party company exclusively)

In other words, passion project territory. Unlike contributing to OL, where you benefit the community as a whole.


I personally know multiple people who would jump at Open Legends on Fantasy Grounds. Its a great program. I sont know XML or LUA at all so I’d be zero help. BUt I’d repurchase everything if I could have it on Fantasy Grounds. zero hesitation.

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I take it this hasn’t gone anywhere since april. Is that true or has some community work been done?

no community work has been done on it from what I know.

It actually isn’t, for a player it can be free.
For the GM, it’s actually cheaper in the long run than roll20.
Check out this price comparison video;

I would love them to release the ruleset to FG, but probably wouldn’t happen until the actual book is out… which seems to be taking quite awhile.

well, that is comparing D&D and buying those items.

But, the book is essentially out, the PDF is available and all that.

The thing is though unless they were to work with smiteworks there wouldn’t be anyway of setting up exploding dice.
And having the rulebook officially made always looks better than just using the core rule set with self made story entries.

I’m a little confused by what you mean here. The rulebook is officially made, the PDF version is out and we’re just waiting for the physical books to clear customs. I also have no idea at all by what “self made story entries” means, is this some bit of terminology I’m not familiar with?

Sorry about necro’ing this post, but I’m currently working on an implementation of open legend in fantasy grounds, and I was wondering whether there were any official UI design type things/fonts/icons that I could/am allowed to use.

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I’d recommend asking the publisher directly via email:
I’m sure they can provide you some assets.


For those interested, the ruleset is based on Fantastic Ground’s CoreRPG, which is extended through MoreCore. The work began here:

The code is a combination of XML and Lua. When I had last worked on it after damned had, dice worked and the character sheet had been modified. I’m not sure how @sauyon’s work has gone but we had discussed putting the code on Github/lab to make it available to the community.

Honestly I merged your and damned’s implementations, did some graphics work, emailed the publisher, and proceeded to forget about the thing. I guess I should just continue with the work regardless; I used the favicon off the site and I wasn’t clear on the licensing so I guess I’ll just keep the new graphics offline for now.