Online Dice Roller - Sidekick issue?

So now that we’re running games remotely, we’ve been utilizing discord and sidekick dice bot for rolls; I’ve seen it mentioned a few times as the goto dice roller for Openlegend. It’s been a very useful tool to get games going again. We did notice a possible issue with the exploding/advantage/disadvantage mechanic.

First and foremost, let me say math is not my strongest subject, apologies if I am not grasping something simple. Or perhaps I have misunderstood the explosion process of advantage or disadvantage. I’ll be happy to report it as an issue, but I wanted to confirm that it was indeed an issue with the community here before I do so.

Explosion subsequent rolls are not being kept on advantage.

Here is the scenario:
An advantage roll for 1d6: /r 1d20! + 2d6!k1
result: (18) + ( 5 +6 + 1 ) = 24
2 d 6 were rolled, one of them exploded: so out of the 5 and 6, the six was kept. However, the 6 that exploded rolled a 1, which was removed, due to the k1 (keep highest 1) syntax.
The result should have been 25, yes?
Is there better syntax or a way to handle this sort of thing?

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I think we may have solved that portion, rolling with a bang after the keep, e.g. 1d20!+2d8!k1!
that seems to keep the explosions.

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yes, youa re using the incorrect syntax. In the official OL discord, there is a pin in the dice roller channel that shows how to do it. Even that corrected syntax you posted isn’t quite right.

Copied from the discord:

kh# = keep highest #, this is used for Advantage in Open Legend, where the # is the original number of dice for the attribute (so for Attribute Score 5 = 2d6, you would kh2)

kl# = keep lowest #, this is used for Disadvantage in Open Legend and works the same as Advantage

! = explode, only use 1, and it should be at the end of the dice phrase (d20! , 1d6!, 3d6kh1!)

’ ># = Destructive Trance, causing explosions to happen on more than just the highest value: 2d6!>5 means the dice will explode on 5 & 6 values

Example Rolls
Attribute Score 3
/r d20! + 1d8!

Attribute Score 3 with 2 Advantage
/r d20! + 3d8kh1!

Attribute Score 3 with 1 Disadvantage
/r d20! + 2d8kl1!

Attribute Score 6 with 5 Advantage & Destructive Trance
/r d20!>19 + 7d8kh2!>7


Fantastic! Thank you for the explanation.

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