OL Homepage Mailing List 404

Hi there,
just wanted to inform that the Mailing List page on the Open Legend Homepage is missing.

hope this is the right place to post this :sweat_smile:


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I honestly don’t even know what the mailing list is for. That might have been pre-kickstarter to get informed about it going live maybe?

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Thanks for the fast reply.
Ok i thought it was something like a site for contact, because every contact link redirects to that site. Hence my report for the missing site.
I had some licensing questions, is there a direct contact, or should i post the Question in the Forum?

Kind regards 0uro

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You can generally ask in the forums depending on the nature/depth of the question, but the e-mail address for seventh sphere is:


and is probably the best place to get for sure information. Though a lot of things with OL are on the backburner as the developer is dealing with other real life things presently, so could be a slow response.

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