OL group in London?

Hi. I’m interested in setting up (or joining) an OL gaming group in London.

I have potential access (tbc) to a venue for a weekly Sunday game.

Anybody interested?


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It’s very difficult to find anyone round here interested in playing new systems. 5e and, at a pinch, Call of Cthulhu seem to rule. I may need to explore playing on-line.

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Finding a local group on here will be quite difficult. I’d suggest to either try to look for an online game or to offer a game at a local gaming meeting. Normally there are least a few people willing to try new systems, at least for an one-shot. So you’d have to GM for a bit, spread the word and get a few people hooked first.

@MadMattUK we haven’t yet gotten to a point where there is tons of traffic here ​on the LFG forum… But we will!

In the meantime, you might try Discord, we have a great community and thanks to Roll20 organizing games around the world is much easier! Props to @Great_Moustache for the roll20 character sheet, which is a huge help! :heart:

Discord server is here: https://discord.gg/3kMr4bh