NPC/Monster creation contest

Hello there, to celebrate next week’s release of the first 3rd party setting for Open Legend, I wanted to give the community a way to get involved and reward the most creative ideas! To do that, we’ll have an NPC/monster creation contest. The winner of the contest will have their creation included in the GM’s Guide to Duermar product! Here you’ll have a short introduction to Duermar:

Welcome to Duermar, Descend into Madness a fantasy-horror setting written & designed for Open Legend! Enter a region populated by Gnomes & Humans, which has started to crumble after a mysterious plague, called “the Corruption”, has taken over the region & has been driving people crazy. Along with the madness came the transformations of Humans, who are starting to grow into their worst fears, & Gnomes losing control over their primal magic, causing Wild Magic effects. (additional information & further instructions are to be found in the template)

To participate in the contest copy the following template from this google doc to a new one or to the Homebrewery (, read the template and fill everything in that’s needed to make your creation come to life and once you are finished, share it on here.

Here is the template you’ll need:

The end result will look something like this:

The winner will be declared on the next Tuesday, the 20th at 6pm EST.


Hi, here is my contribution. I hope you don’t have a problem with punny names. :slight_smile:
Fair warning: There may be spelling misatkes, because English is not my first language.


I’ll check it out tomorrow, but don’t worry about mistakes, I’ll give another pass. :slight_smile:

I got inspired by an old favourite character of mine and thought she would make a great addition to the setting.

Any feedback would be appreciated as well


you have Bane focus (Incapacitated), but call it stunned on 5+ in the attack. Did you mean to have Bane Focus (Stunned) instead, or is the flavor/fluff of incapacitated as a stun?

Lumbering Jack… a loggers worst fears. Pray you don’t run into one in a forest… pray for a fast death if you run into more than 1.


It’s supposed to be the incapacitated effect, may rewrite it as a seperate bane attack, something she does first round etc

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I have updated her actions and encounter options

Alright, here’s my entry: Duke Solitude. An introvert with some serious loss issues.
Could probably need some proof reading just to be sure.


Congratulations to @Goldstarknight for winning the encounter creation contest with the following, very creative & unique entry:

Runner-up is @Great_Moustache Moustache with his entry of a twisted version of a lumberjack:

(use Chrome to display these entries correctly, other browsers don’t work well with Homebrewery)

Both of these will be included in the upcoming fantasy-horror setting “Duermar: Descend into Madness”, which is set to be released within the next 2 days. To the two winners: hit me up and message me so that I can credit you properly!

Thanks to all participants, as it was awesome to read all the entries to the contest!