NPC Generator is ready!

NPC Generator on HeroMuster

Every reload is a new, never before created NPC. At the bottom are buttons for forcing an NPC of a particular level. Tested and designed (as usual) with both desktop and mobile layouts (and printable, mostly).

It’s all done procedurally, which you can view the changelog to learn more about that.

What I’m most proud of is that it gives you everything needed to run the NPC, such as knowing which dice to roll, which banes are possible, what attribute to use, and what power level can be used. It even selects the relevant type/bane/boon for the feats.

Finally, the API for HeroMuster’s OL page also has a call for generating an NPC (the same backend I use to make the pretty page you see), so in the future, others can integrate it (if they wish) into other tools (Roll20, native Apps, etc).


Amazing and a total GM life saver!


I refuse to believe you have something like that working.


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In all seriousness:

Seems pretty cool. I know you can just reload/refresh the page, and for someone like me who knows to just hit F5 (on windows) to do that it is easy. For some users out there, might not be as easy.

I know it wouldn’t be much difference between just going and clicking the reload/refresh button in the address bar, but maybe adding a button next to the creatures name that says “New NPC” or something along those lines to click?


OR, just make the “NPC Generator” text be a button you can click.

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Done. :slight_smile:
Also added a spin effect to the icon so you know you clicked it (before the page reloads)



I like how it is looking.

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This is awesome.

If I were not already married, I would have your children.

This is a lifesaver.


Wow. I’m seriously impressed. The amount of data in here is mind-blowing. Huge kudos @ucffool, this is incredible! :clap: :100: … how in the world did you pull that off? Did alot of the community pitch in?

Also, I think I heard about but never looked at the genre pregens, this is incredible too! Man, I’m blown away :sparkling_heart:


The NPC generator was a solo effort over a few days (backend) and a single day (frontend).

@Brycelor gets 90% of the praise as he’s been invaluable in creating many of the genre pregens (usually only light edits and changes on my part). He’s got a knack for pregens!


New Feature

The NPC generator now has a few editable fields: Name, description, hit points, initiative, speed, guard, toughness, and resolve.

Secondarily, if you are logged into your HeroMuster account, a new save icon is available which will save the NPC to your account (i.e. My Creations).

  • My Creations is now wider for larger screens to accommodate the new NPCs column.
  • Deleting an NPC from My Creations removes it forever. It existed only for you.
  • NPCs can be tagged just like characters and items.
  • Clicking on an NPC’s will bring up its stats. Note: Unlike the NPC generator page, a saved NPC will not have all the extra helper weapon, bane, or boon information.

Other minor improvements

  • The button for quickly regenerating a new NPC is now visible on mobile.