Notation of explosions


What’s the recommended way to notate dice rolls with explosions, please?

Can I write something like this?

1d20 + 1d8 = 10 + 12 (8 + 4) = 22

Thank you.

PS: I apologize if this was answered already somewhere else before. I wasn’t able find any related info, but then again, I’m totally new on this site and still trying to figure things out :slightly_smiling_face:

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There isn’t really a “standardised” way for how to write out rolls, but I’d say it also depends on the context where it is written and what you are trying to accomplish with that. If you aim at total beginners you might need to be more explicit, for a knowledgable audience, this looks totally fine.


I see, thank you.

To put my question in the context - I’m developing a (simple) combat simulator (player against AI) and I want to log every roll, preferably in an easy to understand format.

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Other programs I’ve used often just display the end result and if you hover with your cursor over the result, you get a breakdown similar to yours, so that’s in line with other options out there.


That’s a great idea. Thanks again.

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