Newb Trying to Build a World

I am a novice GM, having only run pre-written content for maybe 10 sessions over my way-too-many-years-to-mention of casual gaming. Inspired by the freedom of Open Legend, I feel like I’m ready to try my hand at a new world and adventure. I’ve has so many ideas, the biggest challenge has been nailing down the details and coming up with enough an initial setting and story arc to get started. In the interest of getting some feedback (and a swift kick in the pants) to keep me going, I decided to start a blog and just do some idea-dumping.

There is not much there now, but I decided to follow the release early and revise protocol. Would love to get some feedback on anything, and hope to post some more tomorrow. I have a ton of notes in other documents that I am just trying to organize and post and hear thoughts, especially from any experienced GMs and world builders!

(P.S. this is way early and I haven’t even given an overview of the world yet, hoping to get that posted tomorrow!)


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My advice isn’t to start small. In this case, get into the details of the prison break, where can the players go after that. Focus on what you need now, and what you might need in the near future, and let the players choices determine where you flesh out next.
That being said you do need a broad overview of the entire world just in case the players go somewhere you didn’t expect them to go. That way you can improvise.

You aren’t the first person to give that advice, and it makes total sense. I do of course keep getting caught up in the big vision and ideas, which has stopped me from getting to a point where I feel comfortable starting a game. I hope to use the motivation of publishing somewhere to get me closer to that!

Here is a total rough draft of a world overview:

Could use some artwork, but most of my inspiration is just taken off the web, so I’m hesitant to post. Maybe if re-visit it and include proper attribution