New Weapon Property: Chargeable

Chargeable: You can spend a Move Action to get a Charge. The next turn you end without adding a Charge takes away your Charges. If you make an an Attack with this weapon, lose all of your charges and gain Advantage on it equal to the Charges you lose.

Discussed on the Discord. Wealth 3 because Feedback thus far compared it to Deadly 1 in value.

A couple examples in case the description’s unclear:
Suzie’s laser pistol comes with a little crank. She can shoot it whether she cranks or not, but, she wants to shoot a bit better this time, so she grabs the crank and turns it rapidly. This keeps her in place this turn, since she uses her Major to take the shot, but that shot has one more Advantage due to her cranking.

Keith’s Cork Launcher will fire with more oomph the more that he shakes it. Keith wants as much oomph as there is to get, so, he spends his Move Action and his Major Action as a second Move to shake it up aplenty. Though it costed him his whole turn, he got 2 advantage on his attack on the next turn.

Jenny spent her last turn spinning her bladed top ever faster, in hopes of a more damaging release, but in the end decided against firing the next turn, and didn’t keep it going, so all that momentum was lost at her turn’s end, and so were those Charges, since she didn’t keep the charge up.

Thoughts on the effect? The Wealth cost? The associated Action taxes?

Edit: New feedback recieved, recommendation to have a Charges Cap, with Wealth Mod rising with said cap, likely a maximum cap of 5 or 6 at the most.

More Wealth and Charge Cap size feedback acquired, Wealth Level is 1+Max Charges with 3 being the highest charges there can be.

So, Chargeable 1 would allow 1 Charge and add 2 Wealth onto the cost, Chargeable 2 2 Charges 3 Wealth, 3 3 Charges 4 Wealth, and no weapon could have a Chargeable of 4 or more.

As with the rest of this post, feel free to suggest changes to this.
Also mentioned is allowing non-charged attacks with the weapon while holding Charges, so as to keep Charging more for a future attack, and removing Charge loss from neglecting to Charge for a whole turn. Going by these suggestions, the result would be:

Chargeable: You can spend a Move Action to get a Charge, and can store up to as many Charges for this weapon as it’s Chargeable tier. You can perform a Charge Attack with this weapon, losing all of your charges and gaining Advantage on it equal to the Charges you lose. This does not prevent you from Attacking normally using this weapon. No weapon can have a Chargeable tier higher than 3. Wealth Modifier: +1+Tier


Why do you need a cap? Advantage has diminishing returns the higher it gets, so players who charge more and more are actually wasting a lot of damage.

Same reason Deadly, Powerful, Defense are capped there. OL is more about the character and less about the items, so Advantage and other benefits come more from Feats and Perks rather than an Item.

You could also grab a weapon for which you have no advantage at using except for the stats on a weapon, and thus if the weapon/item could have advantage 5~6 (about after where the diminishing returns happens) you wouldn’t have to worry about your feats, etc.

I mean, isn’t it a clearly inferior strategy to charge past +2, because then you already have to spend major actions and not make attacks? Therefore… why is a cap necessary if it would not ever be exhausted anyways?

Except, now that I think of it: If the characters have time to prepare for battle, they would charge it ad infinitum :sweat_smile:

But then again… what keeps a player from having such a weapon charged ad maximum capacity all the time between fights?

Nothing, really. It was part of the original design that charges only persist in battle/for a short time, but that was removed in favour of simplicity.

With the later version, you can just keep Attacking normally while using your Move Actions to charge the Weapon over multiple Rounds until releasing the charges again.