New Trippers live stream on Time2Tabletop (Notes and thoughts from the GM)

Hey all you Open Legend RPGers !!!
We have started a new weekly adventure called “New Trippers” using this amazing system !!!

We broadcast this adventure live on Thursdays 6:30pm PST

I am looking to submit my notes and thoughts once we upload the VOD on Mondays after the previous week’s live broadcast on Thursday.

Please provide constructive feedback and join in if you’d like.

Thanks for watching and hope to see you soon!



You could also provide a few links, that would helpful for people to have an easier time finding you. :wink:

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Good call !!! Just did :slight_smile:

New Trippers Session 1.pdf (37.7 KB)
Here is what I wrote for our Session 1.
Feel free to watch our June 15th Session 1 to see what actually happened
We do a Session 0.5 first.
Gameplay starts at 2:06:46 :slight_smile:
VOD to be posted tomorrow!

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Session 0.5
(Session 0.5 because we did a little session 0 off camera in order to calm some of the players’ nerves) We went over some rules questions, character creation questions, and all around nuts and bolts.

  • We established that I would allow movement of up to 10 attribute points between sessions 1-5 thus allowing our players to adapt the points to create the character they have in their head.
  • I also am allowing for them to move up to 3 Feat points between the same sessions 1-5
  • Other than that it was basic Open Legend RPG questions since none of the players have played this system before and I personally have only played it twice.

Session 1
After the break we started the gameplay.

  • I didn’t stray too far from my session 1 notes. I thought it would be good to stick to what we created as a group to establish the setting.
  • I used different NPCs for each player character to interact with. Giving them there moment during first time playing. This way I really got a feel for what each of their play style is to be like. It helps me adapt accordingly.

Hope you had a chance to check out our session 2 live at
If not it’s still there and I will post the VOD by Monday.

Session 2

  • First I asked the players if they had any “nuts and bolts” questions that we need to discuss about the system.
  • I asked each and every player to give their recap of what occurred last session. This gives me a chance to take notes about what each player finds important in the story. It helps me find important NPCs and situations that they enjoyed or thought were fun. I then plan to bring those types of situations or those NPCs back at some time. :grinning:

I find myself creating less typed out gameplay as sessions progress. I tend to concentrate on settings, NPC ideas, and what motivates the society and each NPC. Here’s the story I created and how far in my notes we got. New Trippers Session 2.pdf (28.5 KB)


  • we rolled dice!
  • All of the NPCs had some pretty high stats, but were not threatening. They were roughly described in my notes so that they would come out naturally and not feel like they were being read from a book.
  • I find that using voices as much as possible is something this group enjoys

final thoughts

  • let the players guide the interest of the game
  • let them recap the game and listen to establish what they find interesting
  • BE PREPARED !!! -but not too prepared / don’t let your agenda get in the way of them enjoying the moments