New Quest Ideas Please

I was looking through the campaigns I have made (There are a lot) and realized I keep using the same ones over and over again. I am writing a campaign about fantasy (Elfs, Dwarfs, gnomes, etc.) in modern day earth and ran out of ideas that weren’t repeats. Help please?

Your request is slightly too vague and unspecific to give a detailed answer, so I’ll just say this: Just because all your campaigns play in similar settings, doesn’t mean that they have to touch on the themes. You seem to either confuse or conflate many of these terms, so let me explain what I mean.

You can create many different styles of campaigns in the same setting, because they have varying themes, like for example: A political intrigue campaign usually has very little in common with a rogue’s guild campaign, which has little in common with the traditional hero’s journey campaign, etc. even if they play in the same setting.

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As with @VanGo , being a bit more specific would help. Are you actually talking about themes for the campaign, or are you talking about the “missions” that the players go on?

Do you do a “Session Zero” where you get together with your players and discuss what the game will be about, what they want to get out of it and do character building?

During that, it would give you an idea of a theme and mission and other things by actually getting input from the players which can help create more variety.

I don’t do a session 0 mainly because when building characters half my group likes going really in depth and the other half just uses pregens I make for the campaign.

(skip the next paragraph if you don’t want backstory)

Anyway the campaign I have for them right now is set in a wold based off earth except there are elfs, dwarfs and other fantasy races some humans though very few have developed magical powers. This makes the elfs angered because they want to be the only ones with powers. The players have such powers and they have manifested much more deeply then the average elfs. A few missions have gone by and they have managed to reach an alliance with the elfs.

They are doing jobs for the elfes but the elfes realized the players true usefulness and have decided to send them on a mission to kill the leader of magic relations (pretty much making it so the elf mob can take over the world) and I want to make this an entire campaign arc and need help thinking up ideas (writers block)

Sorry if that was long but I was a lot more specific