New Product: Open Legend RPG Zine


Every Roll Matters: Issue #01 Heroes and Villains and Gadgets, OH MY!
An Open Legend RPG Zine is now out!

Grab it for the first week at only $6.99. The price goes up to $7.99 after that.

On the Store here:…/every-roll-matters-01…

Setting focus is Modern to Near Future
Genre is Heroes & Villains

27 Pages of content

  • 2 GM advice articles
  • 1 Player build advice & example article
  • 1 Villain organization with sample NPCs
  • 1 short encounter based on Villain Organization
  • 1 Item shop seller with 8 items, 2 of which are Legendary
  • Info on 4 Actual Plays out in the wild
  • Rules kitchen
    • new Boon officially being added
    • 2 Feats for playtesting
  • Full color
    • 1 landscape cover (2 full page images)
    • 1 Full body character
    • 1 half body character
    • 4 item illustrations
    • 2 Maps (GM and Player version), VTT ready
    • 2 Note handouts
    • Includes a Desktop (16:9) wallpaper of the cover

This looks amazing! I have been looking into running a superhero campaign recently, so this is great timing!

This is a separate product that is not related to any Kickstater bonuses, right?

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That is Correct

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Is a pdf only option possible? Or maybe this is pdf only?

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It is only PDF, all digital.

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I haven’t Checked the Community website in a while, so I just found out this is a thing! That’s so exciting! I’m more interested in a low-tech magical setting, but just having new boons and feats to try out might be worth the price for me.