New Player looking to join Campaign

Hey everyone, new to OpenLegend but a lot of experience with tabletops. I was checking out Open Legend and am really interested in playing, sadly due to schedules getting games in person seem difficult so I was wondering if anyone is looking for a player. I have discord, and weather it be roll20 or another method I’m down. So yeah please let me know, and thanks

Time zone: Pacific Cali
Days available: thursday-saturday 5-10pm
Availability is also negotiable.

Welcome to Open Legend.

To help you find a game, I would suggest listing your Time Zone, days that you are available more than others, and even possible time gaps you can play.

Oh shoot, you’re totally right thank you for pointing that. I goofed lol

I’m Central time, but open on Thursdays around those times…just got into this game system myself and looking to play a bit.