New Player LFG (Has RPG Experience)

I’m new to the Open Legend RPG, I had experience with Pathfinder and DnD 5e, but this is nothing like them. It’s a little daunting and hard to follow without having all the resources that I’m used to that say “This does this”. I love the idea of everything this game stands for though and really want to play. So I’m looking for a friendly group who’s willing to take on a newbie to help me learn the system either while we play.

I’m available to play Mondays, Wednesdays, and all other Weekdays after 4:30pm EST. Weekends are tight for me but sometimes have Sundays available.

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Hi @Rozin, welcome to Open Legend!

It would probably be helpful for people reading this if you included information about when you’re available (remember to include which time zone you’re in).

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Oh, right! Thank you. I forgot about that bit. It’s been a while since I had to look for a group to play with.