New GM Looking For Players [FULL]

I am looking to start off with A Star Once Fallen starting adventure and need some players. Thinking 4 to 6 and no experience is necessary as we can learn together. If the group enjoys the game we can continue with a home brew campaign I have been planning or go to Shores of Valhalla.

I would like this to be played over Roll 20 and using Discord. Video not required unless you want to show your face :smile:.

The only day I cannot do it is Wednesday. Other than that I am very open to different play times and days. Please post if you are interested.


I’m interested.

I would advise you to set at least a rough time and date for your campaign because otherwise, you might have 5 different people apply who can only attend on 4 different days in 3 different timezones. You might want to avoid that altogether.

Thanks for the advice! I didn’t think that one through.


I have recruited three people off of the OL Discord so far.

The day looks like it will be Saturday and the time zone would be CST around 5:00pm. Looking to start two weeks from the 26th so October 10th.

If Yeet joins us then two spots would be open and the cut off for that will be October 3rd.


I think I can join! Thanks for starting this.

@RemixTheIdiot, I’m sorry I forgot to set up a game. Would you be interested in playing this?

(also, I don’t like your username…you’re probably not an idiot)


We now have 5 players and the day has changed to Friday nights at 5 pm CST.

I’m interested, even if just as a backup. I haven’t been able to try the system out yet.

I cannot.

As of right now I’m no longer looking to play with a group, as a GM or as a Player.

Real life sucks.
I’m taking online classes and due to circumstances I’m way too busy with school work that I don’t have time for anything else.
A lot of other various external forces are contributing and I’m afraid I’ll be bringing more than just my social anxiety into the table if I do join as currently I am suffering from other forms of anxiety and am currently undergoing therapy.

There’s already plenty of players here anyway, all the slots seem filled in at least! I hope you all enjoy Open Legend RPG~!

Always happy to see newcomers into my favorite tabletop system. Especially those who decide to take on the mantle of the GM.

(I almost failed to notice this is a new LFG post and not my own when I was replying, yikes.)

I think I can play, how long will it go?

I can play, if you will have me

I believe they were rephrasing since they said think, and wanted to be clear they were in fact fully available.

Though I don’t speak for them, but that is how I read it.

That’s what I meant


Hi all thanks for all the responses. I looks like we are full with Whynter joining us. If anything changes in the next week I will update this post once more.

I updated the title to reflect, myself or another mod will change it back if you post, etc