New Feats and Banes (Attach, Dark Vision, Multi Armed...)

To be honest some of these feats have been requested before, but this is my take on them.

You can dig through soil with ease, akin to that of a worm or mole.

Cost: 1
Prerequisite: None

You gain a tunnel speed equal to your base speed, and don’t have to make checks to dig through natural soil.

You have at least one extra set of arms. Whether through genetics or a science experiment, you can carry more than the average person.

Cost: 2
Prerequisite: None

You can carry more than two items at once, including weapons. Extra weapons of the same type does not grant any more advantages for dual wielding.

Dark Vision
You can see in the dark, like a creature of the night, or a cyborg with robotic eyes.

Cost: 2
Prerequisite: None

You can see up to 60 feet in the dark. Unlike Blindsight this feat does not help you counter invisible or blindness.

Whether through grappling, merging, or digging in, you latch on to a larger target. This is akin to being a smaller creature, like a parasite, mosquito, or a normal size human climbing onto a giant.

Resist ends (special) (Fail x 3 = 1 minute)
PL 1
Attributes: Alteration, Might, Agility.
All Vs Guard

You attach yourself to a target at least one size bigger than you, whenever that target moves, you remain adjacent to it. If the target is only 1 size category bigger it suffers from the slowed bane, if the target is more than 1 size category bigger, than it walks as normal. While Attached to target, you gain +1 Advantage to Attacks, Banes, and Boons to the target.

With feats like flying, swimming, and climbing, I feel like any racial ability that is more powerful than a quirk should be made into a feat. So I wish there were more of those.

Let me know if any of these are very similar to other things, or if they seem under/over powered.

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Most of them look solid, but there are a few problems

  • Digging

You are not the first one to propose this idea and any time digging or tunneling comes up, it needs to be pointed out that the movement should have to end outside of the ground at the end of the turn, else you’ve created a more potent insubstantial version, at the cost of 1 feat point.

  • Multi-Armed

I think this could cost 1 feat point, because if you compare it to other feats at the cost of 2 points, than I don’t find the effect powerful enough.

  • Dark Vision

This needs to be 3 feat points to me, because it works essentially like a much better Boon Focus I (Blindsight).

  • Attach

This looks neat, but very niche. I don’t see any problems with it though.


I agree with almost all of what @VanGo, especially the need to be careful with Digging. If you don’t have the requirement to come up for air between turns then this essentially becomes immunity to almost all attacks (apart from held actions) because the character can dig up to the surface, attack, then disappear beneath the ground until their next turn.

I’m not quite sure Dark Vision needs to be more expensive though, provided it doesn’t help with Invisible or Blinded then its strength is based almost entirely on how frequently dark spaces show up in your campaign.

One additional little note, I don’t quite understand why you include Banes and Boons in the things which gain advantage from Attach; “attacks” already includes Banes unless you specify “damaging attacks”, and you very rarely want to (or are even able to) invoke boons on a target you are attaching to, since attach is a bane and cannot be done on allies and boons cannot be invoked on enemies.

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Well I compared Dark Vision to Flying and I found that Flying was a better version of Flight, while Dark Vision is a weaker version of Blindsight, so i thought it should cost less feat points.

I guess we disagree, but you guys seem to skip the following line, as if it is taken for granted that blindsight provides vision of the invisible:

"Blindsight can also potentially counter invisiblity, though the GM will have to decide if the source creating the blindsight is appropriate to counter the source creating the invisible boon. "

Also, yes I use quite few darkness based elements, especially in my online campaigns, as I really enjoy the dynamic lighting feature of Roll20. :smiley:

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flying isn’t a better version of Flight. The feat is limited to your speed, Flight can end up going 60 (off the top of my head).

Multi-armed isn’t needed at all, you can just have it for a setting/campaign, and it’s common sense you can hold more than 2 things. Don’t think there is any reason to have that as a feat. Maybe a Perk at most.

Digging should be a Cost 3 for sure, as as been mentioned in other posts that concerned it. There are 2 types of movements, those that increase the speed at which you already have movement for, and those that grant you a new movement type.

So, another reason to increase the cost of this feat. For swimming and for climbing, there are already rules in place for them default, that you move at half speed. The feats allow you to go from half to full speed.

With Flying, this is giving you a type of movement you don’t have by default, and thus the increase in cost.

The same is true here with burrowing. So, that means I would either have a lower cost but allow it to be half movement at first, and then full movement at tier 2, or just have a straight 1 tier and cost 3.


To further clarify, and this is more a point for any setting, you could play in a campaign where a type of movement might be more the norm for all peoples in the world. For that, a GM mgiht decide to reduce the cost of such a feat, but default, it should be more.