New Feat: Countermagic

Feat: Countermagic I - III

Cost: 1

Prerequisits: Protection 3

Description: You are able to effectively defend yourself against magic with powerful counter spells.

Effect: You gain advantage 1 for each tier of this feat on defend rolls against attacks using an extraordinary attribute.

To make it Genre-Agnostic, it would need another name, though… What do you think?

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too cheap, even with the minor restriction. Just make house rule that Defensive Reflexes can be used with Protection:

Defend Interrupts are hugely powerful in what they can do, 1 feat point is too low, and basically what you are wanting is already there with Defensive Reflexes.


Why would you say it is a minor restriction? Maybe it depends on the group and setting etc, but in the game that I am running probably more than half of all attacks are performed with a physical attribute, so this feat only works against a small subset of attacks. Is this unusual?

If you decided to get a feat that would never be used, or hardly used, for the setting you are in, that would be your choice, but I don’t think it would warrant making the feat cheaper. There are some that think Defensive Reflexes should be more expensive.

If the player wanted to self-limit to only using the defend against extraordinary attacks, they could, and maybe award them Legend Points for it on occasion. But restricting to 8 attributes instead of 10 attributes is… very minor.

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if you are wanting something specific for your campaign, give them an item that grants the advantage vs extraordinary to give that feel, something only someone with Protection can access. it could be a story hook, or something about deities (don’t know anything about setting to say for sure).

A feat you are proposing is generally meant for the whole community to consider in all games.

Physical attacks might be the norm now in the game, but maybe later it won’t be, etc. In some games there are hardly any physical attacks.

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So I think a general guideline or rule of thumb when designing custom feats is to compare the costs of the feat to those which cost the same amount and then to ask oneself if that feat is stronger or weaker by a considerable amount and then either adjust the feat cost or the effect.

In my opinion, this feat is stronger by a decent margin than most, if not all, feats which cost 1 feat point, as no other feat costing 1 point offers 1 advantage per tier to actions in combat. Yes, it is more situational than Defensive Reflexes, but the feat also synergises quite well with Protection rolls used to defend, as pretty much ayntime an extraordinary attack is made (keep in mind this also includes bane attacks), you will probably be in range to defend it. The range is one of Protection’s biggest advantages when defending, which often is a limitation when using physical aatributes to defend. So yeah, I agree with @Great_Moustache, this feat should cost 2 feat points, but otherwise I actually like it quite a lot and could fit into any fantasy campaign.