New feat Conditional strikes! Tell me what you think!

I have some new feats in mind that were created as needed for players that wanted something that the already established feats didn’t provide 100%. Personally I have found that you can make almost anything possible with the system as it is, but sometimes players want something more direct.

One these feats I call it: conditional strikes (1-3)
Cost: 3

You are especially deadly with your attacks when certain conditions are met. You can be a holy warrior that specializes in killing the undead or a water bender that your attacks get powerfull in the full moon or even a cyborg that updated it’s software to hunt specific targets.

You select an attribute when certain conditions are met you get advantage 2 to your attacks when using the selected attribute. You must talk with your DM about the conditions. The condition should not be frequent and easy to come by and must add flavor to the character.When I use my favourite dagger or attacking at daylight are poor examples.

So guys what doyou think? Love your feedback on how to make it better.

Well, the way it is written is a bit unclear. It looks like you might have 3 tiers to it, and advantage 2 per tier would be very high.

Usually the route you would take is to reduce the cost of the feat instead of increasing the advantage.

Also, you can 100% do this currently in 2 different ways.

  • with Attack Specialization and Self-Limitation. OL is all about self-limiting, so only assigning the advantage when conditions are met
  • Martial/Extraordinary Focus, and tying it to the conditions rather than the weapon, or still the weapon/type but then self-limiting it further to be when the moon is right, etc etc.

in fact you could flavor it via boons as well

  • Bolster, giving yourself bolster when the conditions are right, and the flavor/fluff of the bolster is the conditions

Plus, but just using existing feats/boons, and self-limitation, you don’t have to worry about determining the conditions beforehand. And via self-limitation you can assign the player Legend Points, which they could use when doing the conditional attacks to further boost them.


It’s an idea that’s been suggested a few times before, mainly related to a “preferred enemy” flavour from certain D&D editions.

The problem with using it in Open Legend is that its power is hugely dependent on how often you come across that enemy/meet the required conditions. If you have a character get advantage when they fight undead, they’ll be way more powerful than the other PCs if the campaign is based around fighting a necromancer and her minions, but if they spend most of the campaign on the elemental planes instead then they’ll have wasted the feat points.

Basically, the core idea works but it’s very reliant on the GM to control the campaign and make sure the power level is balanced.