New DM looking for players

Link to the roll20 game on the list -

So hello everyone, since it is quite hard to find people to play with, i decided to create my own game and see if people would be interested. Im quite new to DM-ing so it will be a new expirience for me also.
Im looking for 3 - 4 players that would be interested to join a modern / fantasy / eldritch game. (Try to imagine Shadowrun meets the secret world online). There are multitude of races, magic is known to mankind and there are computers, phones and all we have today + a bit more :slight_smile:

You are a part of the so called “Division 33”. Who are you? No one knows. And no one should. The things in the night will not hunt themselfs, strange phenomens will be explained and no being should ever threten your world, or what remains of it.

If you see your character in this kind of world, feel free to ask a few more questions or pm me.

EDIT: just so people don’t get confused. The games will be played on Sundays, over Discord for voice, and ofc, roll20 for rolling and the actual campaign. My timezone is CET.
Current Offset: UTC/GMT +1 hour



I would be interested in joining!
Gonna PM you later with information.

How long do you plan the sessions to be?

Well currently the time on roll20 is just a placeholder, probably 3h to 4h max of game time, since after that everyone gets preety exhausted with all the stuff that is going on, and we will probably be using discord, wearing headgear that long starts to hurt the ears.

Hey there I’m also interested in joining^^

No problemo, check out the link on roll 20 just so i know what time it is for you. I will be creating a new private post soon, so that i can see who can play and in what times.

it would be around 7gmt for me. im friends with Xasther btw ^^ hes helping me come up with character ideas right now lol

Got a few ideas for a character im gunna pm you. would like to run it by you. we used a character creator and want to see what you think and changes you would want me to make.^^