Negative HP and persistent damage

At negative HP, a PC is unconscious and requires a Finishing Blow to be killed (any further damage). If a character has the Persistent Damage bane and falls unconscious (negative HP), then at the beginning of their turn, before they have a chance to negate the bane, they are killed. Is this correct?

No, this is not correct.

When you suffer a damaging attack while unconscious, incapacitated, or otherwise unable to defend yourself, the attack counts as a finishing blow and may cause immediate death.

Persistent Damage is not a damaging attack, technically. So it would not count as a finishing blow. However, many GMs consider it to be as it makes sense, and technically it doesn’t say “damaging attack roll”.

As with all things, it is up to the GM whether persistent damage counts as a finishing blow in this regard. And even if it does, it is not death. The target would still get a fortitude roll against the amount of damage that happens.

Basically it depends on the type of game you are going for, and how gritty/dangerous you want it to be.


Well as I see it:

I wouldn’t kill the player. My thinking is, the bleeding wound will make a person faint, but it will take a long time of it not being treated to kill them.

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All of the above responses are correct, but I’d just like to point some other things out. You mention “negative HP” in your question, there is no such thing in Open Legend.
From the Core Rules:

When you reach zero HP, you fall unconscious. Your hit points cannot be reduced below zero.

Also, where you state “they are killed” you should be aware that a finishing blow doesn’t necessarily kill the character:

…if a finishing blow deals any damage, you must make a Fortitude roll with a Challenge Rating equal to 10 plus the damage dealt. If you fail this roll, you die.

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Well technically, there can be negative hit points depending on how you look at handling Deathless Trance.

BUT,t hat’s outside the scope of this discussion, just wanted to rag on @SamWilby for fun! And because he said something I was going to post next after getting back home, but now it is already posted so I can’t =P

Thanks to everyone! I forgot about the Fort SV. Well done! Keep my sharp!