Need some help in understanding the "Entropy" and "Presence" attribute

Hi, I’m from Taiwan so English is not my native language, could only try my best on understanding the rules.
I was troubled several times for the attribute “Entropy”, I don’t really get the theme of it, and when both Google translate and Wiki (Chinese version) is not actually helping, here’s where I turned to.
The issue was not as much when it comes to “Presence”, but I don’t really understand why luck is also listed when all other examples seems to be about the personal appeal or something related to being a leader, is that because of a cultural misunderstanding?

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Hi @HectorHo, don’t worry about this too much, your English skills seem fine but these are unusual words.

Entropy is used here to mean “decay”, it is based mainly around darkness, draining, or death. This most commonly appears in films or books as necromancy or black magic.

Presence is mainly to do with personal appeal, you are correct, but also to do with performance, self-confidence and authority. Luck is not deep enough to have its own attribute, it is included with Presence because of the trope of cocky or theatrical characters always being lucky in books and films. You can ignore luck in Presence if you’re still not sure.