Need help with Absorbtion & a Slime player

I have a player who wants to play a slime build. They’re likely to try to use the Absorb Object boon to sort of suck in enemies, which so don’t want to depriive them of. Personally, I think it’s a cool idea & want to create a houserule to better allow it. The issue rises in that I don’t know how to make it & have it be balanced.

Absorb Person (Rank 6 Alteration): Can suck up an entity into your body. The target does not take any damage. The user can choose to have any absorbed entities to take damage instaed of themselves. While absorbed, the entity can spend both their move & major action to attemot to break out with a contested roll of the resister’s Might or Agility or similar roll as long as it makes sense, versus the casters Alteration.

I realize I could just use the Immobile bane, but I wanted to see about using something more creative.

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I would still base it on the Immobile Bane instead of creating a new bane and I would ditch the whole damage transfer part because that sounds broken. I like the idea of using a contested roll to get out but that aspect also makes the bane really potent, so instead, I would propose a two-step bane:

First step: Suck In

Essentially the Immobile bane but you are halfway stuck in the Slime. Getting out is a regular resist roll.

Second step: Swallow Whole PL6 Alteration

You envelop your target totally and completely. If they were sucked in before, you get 1 advantage to Swallow Whole them. If they weren’t sucked in before you get 3 disadvantage to apply this bane. Breaking out requires a contested resist roll (Might or Agility) against your Alteration. The Duration only ends once the creature has broken free and the creature starts taking damage while being swallowed whole once they have to spend more rounds inside than their Fortitude score. Damage equals your Alteration score.

This is what I would start with and refine it some more.