Need a little background about Open Legend

Hi, I’ll be running a one-day game on the monthly Taipei TRPG Convention, not only would be hosting a game but also would give a brief intro on the system itself.
Could anyone fill me in with info like when OL is first introduced and stuff like that?

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For most people, it was first introduced a little over a year ago when the kickstarter went live.

When @brianfeister did some interviews he’s mentioned that it was something that has been worked on over the last 5 to 10 years. Slowly being developed with friends and in play to become what it is today.

From an introductory place, I would probably start with the Kickstarter, as that is when it was introduced to the mass public. In the kickstarter it mentions this: After years of testing, we brought Open Legend to the public eye in February 2016

so I suppose that is a starting place.