Mystical Items by SpadeS

Bow of the elemental arrow
WL 5
This bow is carved of cedar and has intricate patterns inlaid on it and it comes with a single arrow

Energy 5
When ever you fire the bow when you pull back the drawstring the arrow it comes with magically returns to the bow.

Note all of the listed abilities are because of a magical connection between the bow and the arrow if the arrow breaks or is in some other way prevented from being used you must buy a new arrow at wealth level 1

Mind of the keeper
WL 8?
Looking down into this glass orb you feel hollow as you watch gear after gear tick inside

Logic 5
It offers advice telepathically to who ever is currently holding the orb

More to come

It would be neat if it wasn’t for the fact that this ranged weapon requires something to make it work when every other ranged weapon requires no ammo as according to the rules: characters are always assumed to carry the amount of ammo they need.
This weapon has a drawback but no specialty that makes it worth using unless you homebrew limited ammo for long ranged equipment.
Maybe since the arrow returns, it has the ability to attack up to a certain amount of targets in a certain area within the arc of the arrow without having to suffer disadvantage? idk.

I originally made it for d n d and was planning to make it a elemental bow