My little box of Homebrew X

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Abstract Weapons, Concrete pricing

When creating a weapon, use this system:

  1. Choose a Bane for this Weapon. Choosing any additional banes will increase the wealth level by 1 per additional bane.

  2. Choose Category. Certain options will affect the weapon’s Wealth level.

    1. Melee
      1. One-Handed
      2. Two-Handed
      3. Versatile-Handed (+1 WL)
    2. Ranged
      1. Close ranged
      2. Short ranged (+1 WL)
      3. Medium ranged
      4. Long ranged (+1 WL)
      5. Extreme ranged (+1 WL)
  3. Choose properties.
    Forceful (-)
    Precise (-)
    Area (+1 WL per disadvantage penalty incurred by the area via multi-targeting)
    Defensive (+1 WL per defensive value)
    Delayed Ready (-1 WL)
    Expendable (-1 WL)
    Heavy (-1 WL)
    Reach (+1 WL)
    Slow (-1 WL)
    Stationary (-1 WL)
    Swift (+1 WL)

  4. Determine Wealth level. The weapon starts as wealth level 1 and is modified by the choices made in steps 1, 2 and 3.

  5. Naming the weapon.
    All weapons are named and written on the character sheet after the following template:
    [Category name] [Bane name] ([property name], [property name], …)
    Of course, you may rename the weapon into something more weapon-like. The naming above is just a useful reminder to the weapons mechanics.

Example weapons Example Flavours Wealth Level
One-Handed baneless (Forceful, Precise) Unarmed Strike 0
Two-Handed Stunned (Forceful) Baseball bat 1
Versatile Persistent Damage (Forceful, Precise) Longsword 2
One-Handed Disarmed (Precise, Swift, Ranged) Rapier 3
Long Ranged Slowed (Precise, Accurate) Longbow 2
One-Handed Forced Move (Defensive 1, Forceful) Shield 2
Short Ranged Persistent Damage (Accurate, Precise, Swift) Revolver 3
Extreme Ranged Persistent Damage (Precise, Accurate) Sniper Rifle 2
Close Ranged Knockdown (Forceful, Precise, Expendable, 10’ Cube) Grenade 2
Two-handed Demoralized/Fear/Persistent Damage (Forceful, Heavy, Slow, 20’ Line) Flamethrower 3
Extreme Ranged Forced Move/Knockdown (15’ Cube, Delayed Ready, Heavy, Slow, Stationary) Cannon 2

Attribute Points to/from Feat Points

When creating or leveling a character you may spend 6 attribute points to gain 1 additional feat point or spend 1 feat point to gain 6 additional points.

No Hit Points amendments

This is a list of optional rules and rule clarifications that make the No Hit Points rules from My little box of Homebrew IX work smoother and better.

  • Resisting banes is a minor action instead of a move action.
  • The banes Charmed, Death, Dominated, Fear, Incapacitated or Stupefied are resisted at the beginning of the targets turn instead of at the end.
  • The Provoked Bane’s Invocation time is 1 Move Action.
  • The Death Bane’s power level is 10.
  • If a new tier of the Worn Down Bane is achieved with an attack that is an Extraordinary Success, the additional bane may be invoked as if the new tier of the Worn Down bane already has been invoked.
  • When rolling an extraordinary success with a boon invocation you may invoke an additional boon. Even if the invoker has the feat Boon Focus they must roll to see if it’s extraordinary success.

Perk: Inseperable

Choose an item which you own. This item cannot be separated from you against your will and you may summon it as a move action if it has been separated from you. This could, for example, be a weapon which your spirit has bonded with or an item which can be magnetically drawn to you at will.

Flaw: Inseperable

Choose an item which you own. This item cannot be separated from you under any circumstances other than maybe severe mutilation or surgery. This could, for example, be armor that is built into your skin or a hook instead of a hand.